Typical, just typical

11 October 2007

I was in a high yesterday. I finished up the bulk of analysis for project BHM and the results were sent to our collaborators, awaiting discussion. There are more things I am to continue in term of this project, but those would be strictly for my thesis. No pressure on the collaborators’ end.

But of course, there’s something to deflate that sense of satisfaction.

A new version of one of the data information was just released – it had been anticipated, but I didn’t think it was this soon. The past couple of weeks, I was waiting, and waiting, and nothing. I had written it off as one of those flukes, where they promised to send some version on and it could be months before something actually came along. This time however, it was literally in matters of weeks. And they did it just after I finished my part. Gaaahhhh!

Back to the mill, I am redoing the analysis. The pipeline is there, so hopefully it won’t take too long, but I will still need to check on every step that I take to ensure that there’s no error whatsoever. Wish me luck!


4 Responses to “Typical, just typical”

  1. med said

    GOOD LUCK!!!! 😉

  2. hank said

    I can relate to how you feel. It’s so frustrating and you feel like strangling the other party. Bah!

  3. San said

    Lotsa luck (and kisses too!)

  4. Alexalynn said

    Thanks med.

    Hank, not so much as strangling but just wish this came out earlier. Ah well, at least my pipeline does work.

    San, thank you 🙂

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