Task List : Week 3

7 October 2007

It’s a luxury to have a day just to myself. My housemates are away for the weekend and for a change, a nice one mind you, I had a decadent and lazy Saturday.

No getting up early to get into the lab for another long working day. No rushing to get dressed but pattering about in my pajamas and looking scruffy. No need for hurriedly eaten sandwiches but nice home-cook meal. No agenda apart from watching House which I borrowed from Gavin as well as rugby quarter-final matches (yay France won!). And sitting outside in the garden to soak up the warmth of the Indian Summer while reading.

I could do with more of this. But now is not the time. So it’s back to the mill.

This is my task list for this week, and I really need to do more reading!

  • Finish up analysis for project COD (11102007)
  • Complete the top genes gene list for project BHM (10102007)
  • Write up note re project BHM pipeline (10102007)
  • 5 3 review papers (12102007)

You know, looking at the past two task lists, I’m not doing very well at completing them all, am I? I barely get half of them done. Must work harder! Then perhaps my other lazy days would be more justifiable. Then perhaps I deserve a good break as a reward and motivation in completing my task lists better.

Here’s to a more productive next week or two. And to hoping France will win against England next Saturday. That way, I’m going to be truly motivated in doing good job and enjoy myself in Paris when they’re playing in the final.


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