A busy week

5 October 2007

It has been a long and rather tiring week. I am racing against time to get project BHM done and out of the way (relatively speaking, it’s never really going to be out of the way until the thesis is printed and bound), and I think I am making pretty good progress in this. It’s more than half way there, yay!

Project COD has also moved forward to some extend, and fingers crossed I’ll be able to get the analysis wrapped up by Monday.

It’s great that things are progressing, but I am wondering at what price? It is not uncommon for graduate students to have periods of bursts of productivity, and we work long hours while the momentum is there. I have clocked over 50 hours this week alone, but that is no worry to me at all.

What bugs me now, is the state I’ve put myself in. I am in need of a good sleep, and I need to keep an eye on my left arm. For no apparent reason, since yesterday, there were several instances when it just went numb. Some quick flexes and palm squeezing means it went back to norm after that, but I don’t like it that it’s recurring. Hmmm…


5 Responses to “A busy week”

  1. San said

    Numbness on the left arm?? Could it be due to long hours in front of the PC? Gotta take care ya.

    Good to hear you’re making progressing. Treat yourself to a Ferrero bonanza this weekend πŸ˜€

  2. Alexalynn said

    San, I do wonder about that. Or if I have overdone it with squash then pilates. I’m left-hand dominant but “corrected” for writing by my parents. πŸ˜‰

  3. San said

    I’m a leftie too…my parents never bothered to correct anything in me πŸ˜›

    I hold rackets, scissors (basically tools) and punch with my right hand. Chopsticks and pen with my dominant left.

  4. hank said

    Numbness? Could be a blood flow problem. No harm taking some Gingko Bilboa. That’s what I’m taking for my numbing right foot.

    You need plenty of rest too.

  5. Alexalynn said

    San, gosh my mum used to hit my knuckles! I write and use chopsticks with my right hand, but everything else, it’s left. It’s all a bit messed up. My other brother also got corrected for writing but the youngest got away with it so he’s a complete leftie.

    Hank, that could be one of them. Gingko Bilbao. Interesting idea. I will look into that. Thanks. πŸ™‚

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