Squash and Pilates

2 October 2007

I am aching while typing this.

In the past 2-3 months, I haven’t been quite active physically as I’d like to be. I was away for the summer, visiting another lab and doing some collaborative work. Now returning I find myself easing into my old schedule, and slowly getting back into exercising routine too. Not that it’s much – it’s just jogging really. Even then, the hectic work line-up has prevented me from doing it regularly. That, and the darkening skies of autumn. It’s kind of difficult to jog at 8pm now than a few months earlier.

Weekend remains the best time for me to get moving. Upon my return, my housemate introduced me to squash. Interesting game and quite fun as a matter of fact, if you’ll forgive my crappy level of play. Sometimes the ball would bound straight for me and even then I’d miss it. Ops… I had fun each time though, and I feel much better running around after a whole working week bound to my desk and computers.

The aftermath obviously involves some pain. Mainly I haven’t play racquet game for such a long time, so inevitably my arm protests about it. Even putting a t-shirt on is non trivial for a couple of days after each game. I hope this will go away soon and that I can play without such discomfort after every session.

I’m starting on pilates classes too. Well, today will be my first class, and I don’t know what that is going to be like. I’m bracing myself for more muscle aches, since I’ve been informed that I’m bound on a journey to discover muscles that I never knew I had. Hehehe, fun, not.

Ever wonder why I inflict all these on myself?


4 Responses to “Squash and Pilates”

  1. hank said

    I’m not a fan of squash. After every game, I end up with bruises on my arms because of one knock too many with the squash court walls. What’s pilate?

  2. San said

    My hubby introduced me to squash…yes, lotsa of running around that small confined space đŸ˜›

    Watch out the abdominal muscle in pilates. Do pay attention to getting the pose right, if not you hurt your back easily. I personally prefer yoga to pilates.

  3. athena said

    i cannot play racquet game of anykind…sorry la sista you’re on ur own on that one..

    as for pilates, i’m with san. yoga more my style. slower pace. old ladies can’t catch up with fast pace

  4. Alexalynn said

    Hank, I’m lucky to not have bruises yet although I suspect that will come soon enough. Pilates is a body toning technique through controlled movements and breathing techniques. Not to be confused with yoga, which can be similar in parts.

    San, thanks for the tips. My first day today and it was not easy! I was wobbling while doing the planks, and I simply don’t have enough energy. And the already aching muscles definitely didn’t help *wince*

    Athena, I’m crap at racquet games too but it’s fun to play casually. I did ashtanga yoga once (years ago) but they’re not on offer in the sports centre in college. I am considering checking out their normal yoga class to see what it’s like, but first I need to wait for my body to recover a little. (Ps, what old lady? shesshhh)

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