Thesis outline

1 October 2007

A couple of non-colleague friends have been wondering what I do exactly, and while I can’t talk about my work just yet (one project in particular even has confidentiality clause to it while the rest are sort of pending on publication), I figure it’s no harm for me to give a vague outline of my thesis.

Introduction :
The simplest way to put this is, I’m studying the role of positive selection in the evolution of mammals. Positive selection refers to mutations that accumulate due to beneficial roles and improvement of genetic fitness.

Chapters :
There would be 4-5 chapters, and they’re related to the following projects – HCM, BES, BHM, MAC and another which, if transpire, I’d need to decide the direction to take. I know I’ve mentioned project COD in a previous task list, but that’s just a collaboration with a colleague.

Findings and conclusions :
Of course, I don’t know this yet. Hopefully something nice.

The aim is of course, to get good solid work out from every project. An ideal thesis is one where every chapter is publishable. The higher the quality, and then the quantity, of the publishable work, the better the thesis will be.


6 Responses to “Thesis outline”

  1. hank said

    I wish you complete this PhD ASAP.
    Reduce the number of BS so that your supervisors do not KIV.
    If you coming to my birthday, please send me your RSVP.
    And whenever I order McDonalds delivery, it has always been COD.

    In short, your outline scares me. Do all PhDs go through the above?

  2. med said

    oh my….it is indeed scary

    hmmm…so how long more are we looking at? 😉

  3. Alexalynn said

    Hank, lovely little poem (am I invited to a birthday party?) but yes, I think all PhD would have similar sort of outline, depending on their field of study I supposed. Better than not having an idea of how the thesis is going to pan out! (Yes, I’ve known of people who were clueless until they start writing, and that is *not* good)

    Med, 6-9 months, fingers crossed!

  4. med said

    woohoo…that’s very soon ya 🙂

  5. San said

    Wow…every chapter a publishable material????

    Think I’ll die if I ever have to write a PhD thesis…

  6. Alexalynn said

    Med, I’m trying to get it done in the next few months!

    San, well, that’s what an ideal thesis would be. And that’s the aim. My friend had a thesis like this last year, and it was a breeze for him to pass his viva exam at the end. That’s the way to go!

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