Unusual delicacies

29 September 2007

It’s finally weekend when I can take a small breather, a few hours break, before plunging into another 6-and-1/2-days-week of work. Tons of them. I am beginning to think, if I can cut down my sleep to 6 hours, maybe then I’ll be able to squeeze in just that one more journal from to-read to read-and-done pile?

But my sleep is just too precious. I need my minimal 7 hours or I get cranky.

Very cranky.

As usual, Saturday morning ritual, trawling the net for a couple of hours while Facebooking and writing emails to my friends. And eating my breakfast. Some home-made muffins, half-boiled eggs and white hot chocolate. This is life’s little luxury for this graduate student.

Soon, food topics caught my eyes (not surprising really). Unusual food stuff. More specifically, bugs and stuff (in photo) and also an article on Beijing’s Penis Emporium (I kid you not!). Not the best of articles to read while I chomp away at my indulgent morning treats…

On a side note, would you pay $14,500 for a dessert?


2 Responses to “Unusual delicacies”

  1. hank said

    I won’t pay $14 grand to eat a gemstone pudding but I would eat a dog’s penis if someone paid me 14 grand.

  2. Alexalynn said

    well, normally i’ll chalk myself up as adventurous with food but even if someone pay me to eat the penis, i’d think twice!

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