The same two questions…

28 September 2007

I am beginning to dread ringing home to talk to my family nowadays. Always the same two questions that they pose:

  1. When are you going to graduate?
  2. Are you dating anyone at the moment?

I know they care about me. Honestly, I know. But continuously asking me these questions will not change anything. I am doing things at my own schedule and that’s that. I don’t need constant prodding to graduate (trust me, I want to graduate) nor having them worrying that I am going to be left on the shelf.

It hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park since I decided to take up the offer to do a PhD. There had been lots of moments of self doubt and demovation. But the days of euphoria and excitement made up for them ten times and over. Lot of ups and downs.

Relationship wise, fret not, I have not exactly been living like a reclusive spinster. I dated, albeit half-heartedly because the guys just weren’t the right one for me. These great guys are now my friends, which is always good news in its own. I was in a complicated non-relationship which I don’t talk about because I don’t want to worry everyone or send everyone into a frenzy of advise-giving on what to do, how to behave etc. He and I remain very close friends and we’re glad that we sorted things out very maturely to that end.

In short, I just need to do everything at the pace that I am comfortable with.

Right now I must concentrate on actually getting good results, write them up, publish them, and write my thesis. I am going to be very busy so it’s not going to be the right time to actively date someone – it wouldn’t be fair for the guy to have a half-present, half-absent girlfriend.

But of course, if there’s a great guy that comes along anytime between now and my graduation, who loves food, travel and photography, who understands that I am going to be quite very busy and doesn’t mind that I won’t be able to go out much, who has plenty of supply of hugs and kisses, then I am not going to say no either… lol…


6 Responses to “The same two questions…”

  1. med said thing at a time girl and before you know it..the PhD is yours and god willing..u will have a wonderful guy under your arms on the ‘graduation’ day as well yah 🙂

    i have faith in you

  2. Alexalynn said

    lol… you’ve very sure of that med! thanks for the vote of confidence 😉

  3. hank said

    I wonder why my comment on this post got deleted?
    I sure don’t spam here, do I?

  4. Alexalynn said

    hi hank, i am not sure what happened and there’s nothing earmarked as comment under moderation nor spam to me. sorry about that.

  5. hank said

    I hate it when technology does that.

  6. Alexalynn said

    well i hate it when i thought i know how to handle technology until it sneers back at my feeble attempts to conquer it.

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