Emails only please

26 September 2007

YH is a fellow graduate student in my lab, going in to his second year of PhD. We chat occasionally, particularly when the lab is out for drinks together or something. But not much else otherwise. I guess we never quite clicked.

Lately however, he doesn’t talk to me anymore. Instead, if he needs help or anything, he just emails me. And I am sitting just one bench over (with a partition across). Is it that difficult to come and talk to me, instead of sending emails to and fro in discussion before I know exactly what he’s looking for help in?

First few times, I was bemused. Now, it’s starting to bug me.


6 Responses to “Emails only please”

  1. hank said

    Hi 27-going-on-28,
    Emails are taking over many of our lives with or without us noticing. Many of my colleagues sitting in the next cubicle opt to use emails instead of just popping their heads over the partition and talk.
    I guess humans are:
    1. Making sure everything is penned down to make it “official”
    2. Losing their ability to talk
    3. Simply covering their own arses

  2. Alexalynn said

    hank, it would be sad sad day for people to lose their ability to talk, even if it’s just small talk. i like emails and i think it’s great, but given a choice, i’d rather talk face to face.

  3. San said

    Maybe he has developed a crush on you?! Shy boy?

  4. Alexalynn said

    san, i am sure that is not that case.

  5. Li Lian said

    well, there are two senarios to this.

    1. as pointed out by san,he’s shy

    2. maybe he just wants everything you tell him to be documented down, to avoid future misunderstandings??

  6. Alexalynn said

    documentations is important, but the last time he emailed me, he was asking me to format our gene dataset into the way he wants because he couldn’t figure how to format it himself… had he came straight to me, i would have shown him what to do and he could have learned something. then i got urgent stuff to finish up so i just did what he wanted and passed it on before going back to my own work again.

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