Task list 1 : progress review

23 September 2007

Hmmm… this is a bit annoying. Between backing up, reformatting and upgrading my laptop operational system took longer than expected. And even then, I just ended up frustrated with the failure of Windows XP Pro to detect my graphic and sound card. I had lagging scroll of the screen and I have no sound on my laptop whatsoever.

In the end, I ended up doing a second reformat and did not bother the upgrade of the Windows version. I just kept the Home version.

I wasn’t really hankering for the Pro version anyway in the first place. Just that I have been told if I had wanted to use my laptop in college, I am required to make it network-able. Hence the Pro version. But I think I won’t be connecting this to the network even if I plan to bring it in to work with me some day (which would be rare anyway). I do have a computer at my disposal in the lab already, this one will just allowed me to work on separate things at any one time. Multitasking.

I should now get started with the other items on the task list if I want to see some sort of work progress for the weekend. Ciao!

Update 11pm : what a sad sad ending (workwise) to the weekend. While I managed to reformat my laptop and load all the softwares that I need etc I barely managed to finish reading a review paper and my code debugging also ended up taking longer than expected. Maybe I should have foregone dinner with my friends over yesterday, and coffee break with another friend today?


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