Simpsons’ take on grad students

21 September 2007

I believe these two clips have made its round on blogosphere and cyberworld aplenty, but I need some cheering up today given that it’s miserably rainy out there. I arrived to the lab with wet feet (yuck) and damp jeans, and the umbrella didn’t even help to keep my hair dry at any rate. Oh well…

[Unfortunately it seems youtube has taken down the videos, but fear not, here are alternative links to view one of the two originally posted here.]

On the bright side, it’s Friday! At last!

Not that that means I can afford to squander the time away. I have big plans for the weekend in terms of reorganising my work schedule (yeah, I get these organising urges whenever I feel things are spiralling out of *my* control) and hopefully I’ll get back on track in getting the projects I have at hand to work.


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