Happy dance!

19 September 2007

Since my original contract for the course I am in was meant to last for 3 years, and I am nowhere near finishing, an extension is in order. So paperworks to fill etc, and I needed my PI to sign the relevant forms.

He took one look at the amount of stipend that I am currently getting.

“Is that all you’re on?”


“We’ll need to change that.”

And he altered the figure. Yay, I got a payrise – a tax-free payrise at that too! Woot!! I thank my fairy godmother for such an understanding boss, that inflation is taking a toll on graduate student’s budget.

That, and it made me feel relieved too that I did the right thing when I quitted my part time job. I needed to focus on my thesis work now, and this payrise balances out somewhat on the lost of income from the job.


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