No sign of fee demand

18 September 2007

Universities are usually very good at getting money off students at the beginning of the academic year. Strange though I have not yet received my fee demand form, since my friend CM has got hers some two weeks ago.

I shall give it another day or two, and recheck my pile of posts, before I contact someone in the graduate students office to see what exactly is going on. Afterall, registration starts in about a week.

If I am not registered, I cannot renew my visa to stay.

If my fees are not paid, then I cannot be registered.

If the fee payment form doesn’t arrive, I cannot pay the fees.

So I really do want the fees to be paid. Errr, well, I want the fees to be paid from my research grant. Just so everything will be in order when I go to the Records Office for confirmation of my status as students. Just so I will have all documentation when I go to the Immigration Bureau.


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